New Site!

Hiya! Welcome to my website. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here, whether on purpose or by internet rabbit-holing. I’m Darcy. Here’s a bunch of stuff about me. (When you’re done with this, leave me a message with some stuff about you. And through this weird virtual interaction, we will have made an interpersonal connection that maybe we didn’t have before.) So, here goes… I write and sing and play instruments, solo style. I do other things, too. I play in a band called The Corn Fed Girls. I co-host a radio show with my pop, Mark Sahlgren, called Grassroots. I play music with my pal, Aaron Wright, in a duo called Danger Deer. I am a proud, card-carrying member of Mark Sahlgren and the Fragile Egos. Lots of fun stuff. As time goes on, I’ll be telling you more about it all. If you have the notion, drop me a line. Say hi, book me for a show, suggest places I could play, let me know how you’re doing. Or, y’know, chat with me about some of my more obscure interests, like cuttlefish, the green banded broodsac, cults (not in one, just fascinated by them) or the strange comfort one can find in a murder ballad. Thanks for stopping by. Also, you look positively fetching today.

Darcy Wilkin